DIY Christmas decorating with fireplaces

DIY Christmas decoration with fireplaces, the kitchen, the fireplace and the kids!

The kids will love the fun, light and airy decor that is built into these fireplaces.

This is what makes the kids love them!

We also had a great time at a craft fair that was organized by the Kids and Family Centre.

We picked up a lot of crafts, including a homemade pumpkin that we had to share with my son!

It’s a great way to get some kids involved in their own way!

The Children’s Garden was a fun experience for the whole family.

There were plenty of flowers, butterflies, trees and plants.

The kids were especially interested in a butterfly that was created with an old fashioned tin pot that we made for them.

We also went for a walk and spent time with the birds at the zoo, which is a nice way to spend a weekend!

The kids loved it!

If you’re looking for more ideas for a DIY Christmas or holiday decorating project, check out the other projects we did for the kids at the Kids & Family Centre!

Happy Christmas!