Why Valentine’s Day is a special day for me

The American conservative is a year-round fixture, so why not make it even more special?

In fact, here are six Valentine’s day decor ideas that can really make you a big star.


Room decor ideas for a bedroom with a fireplace.

Photo courtesy of katherine_mackenzie.blogspot.com/2010/02/valentine-day-room-decor.html 2.

Decor a bedroom and kitchen for a romantic evening out.

Photo by katherinemackenzys.blogspot, accessed March 12, 2019.


Decorate a room and kitchen with a glass of wine or two.

Photo from katherine-mack-enzys-blog.blogspot (accessed March 12 and 15, 2019).4.

Decentralize your kitchen by putting your favorite dessert on a table in your living room.

Photo and caption by katie_mckenzie.com (accesses March 15, 2018).5.

Decide on a room that’s your new home.

Photo credit: katy_mike-mckenzys (accesss March 15 and 15).6.

Decorative furniture to make your living space a destination for romantic dinners.

Photo credits: katherine, katya, kats_macks.blogspot and katherine.mackenziys.com, accessed Mar. 15, 2020.

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