‘Carnival’ to take over the Perth Zoo

Perth, WA —  The Perth Zoo is closing its doors and will be shut down after a year-long project to renovate its iconic elephant exhibit.

The zoo announced the closure of the Elephant Room on Wednesday and the Animal House at the Perth International Convention Centre on Thursday.

“The Perth Zoos Conservation Department has decided to end its engagement with the Zoo in 2019,” the zoo said in a statement.

“This decision has been taken in response to ongoing funding constraints, particularly the ongoing closure of Elephant Room and Animal House.”

It said it had also decided to close its elephant exhibit at the Melbourne Zoo and other attractions in the region.

The Zoo is one of the few remaining institutions that still retains a large elephant herd.

It said a total of 20 elephants were moved to the Elephant House for a new enclosure in July 2018, but it is now due to be completely closed on Thursday and will not be reopened until 2021.

The zoo said the relocation of the elephants will be phased and the Elephant Houses will be used for future conservation purposes.

It said the elephants and their owners would be moved to other facilities, including the Zoo’s Elephant Zoo.

The Elephant House was built by the Perth City Council in 1902 and was the home of a small elephant population until it was demolished in 2005.

It has been a popular destination for tourists and locals alike for decades, and the zoo was a key tourist attraction for the city until the Great Sydney War.

In 2018, the zoo’s elephants were among the largest to have been killed in captivity.

An Australian zoo is also due to open in the Perth area in the next few years, although it is not yet known if the Elephant Rooms will be part of the project.

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