New Jersey decor decor is ‘just as beautiful’ as New England, according to one of the state’s biggest decor companies

New Jersey has made a big splash in the holiday season, with decorations and art that can be found throughout the state.

And as Christmas comes to a close, some of the country’s biggest names are doing the same. 

The New Jersey Department of Transportation, for example, is taking the wraps off a new, high-tech fish tank decoration that could have a profound impact on New York City’s streets and in its streetscape.

“We are honored to be the recipient of a National Historic Landmark Award for our innovative, beautiful, and inspiring fish tank decorations,” said Michael Hager, executive director of the New Jersey Dept. of Transportation.

“The state is proud to be recognized by a New York Times Magazine writer as one of its best cities to live in.”

New Jersey is also home to a major New England city, Boston, that’s been celebrating the holiday in style.

The state’s Governor, Chris Christie, visited Boston in February to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the city during the winter months, including one visit in December.

While New Jersey’s decor is undoubtedly unique, its not the first time a state has been a part of the holiday parade.

During the Civil War, New Jersey, which is still home to some of America’s largest and most influential industries, served as a staging ground for the nation’s military, as well as for the United States’ participation in World War I. The nation also celebrated Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year by lighting a huge Christmas tree in the Capitol building in New York.

New Jersey’s Department of Public Safety also celebrated New Year with decorations in New Orleans, which was the site of a massacre during the Civil Rights movement.

New Jersey also hosted the first Christmas Parade, which featured thousands of people dressed in white and blue and a large white Christmas tree.

New York City has been an annual destination for holiday festivities, with thousands of tourists and locals visiting the city every year.

And despite the state of the city’s finances, Mayor Bill De Blasio has said New York will continue to host a Christmas Parade until 2020.