When does it get dark in New York City?

The cold weather may not be the only reason the decor of the New York state capitol is going to get chilly this weekend.

According to the New Yorker, the winter season is officially upon us.

The city will be getting quite a bit of snow this weekend as well.

A winter storm could be in the offing in the Northeast as well, which means a chilly, snowy New York is going, well, snowy.

While some of the holiday decorations that are up for grabs in New England may not make it to New York, there are still plenty of options for winter décor.

The winter is coming and it’s already snowing in many areas, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

As a reminder, the cold weather is expected to continue for the next week or so.

Here are a few places to go if you want to get cozy for the holidays:1.

The White House – Winter decorations in the White House, New York.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons2.

The Capitol Dome – Winter decorating inside the Capitol Dome, New Jersey.

Photo by John Bocianca3.

The Brooklyn Bridge – Winter decoration inside the Brooklyn Bridge, New England.

Photo from the White Houses Winter 2017 website.

Photo: AP, Getty Images4.

The Old Post Office – Winter decorated decorations in The Old Postal Office, New-York.

Photo courtesy of White House/The White House5.

The U.S. Capitol – Winter Christmas decorations at the U. S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Photovia Getty Images6.

The National Mall – Winter Winter decorations at The Mall, Washington D. C.

Photo/The Washington Post, GettyImages7.

The Smithsonian Museum of American History – Winter holiday decorations at Smithsonian Museum, Washington.


via AP/Getty Images8.

The State House – Christmas decorations in State House, Rhode Islands.

Photo Courtesy of White Houses Holiday 2017 website9.

The Lincoln Memorial – Winter Holiday decorations in Lincoln Memorial, Illinois.

Photo(Getty Images)10.

The Statue of Liberty – Christmas decoration in Statue of Liberties, New Mexico.

Photo (Getty Images/Instagram)11.

The Supreme Court Building – Christmas decorating in The Supreme Courts Building, Washington DC.

Photo of the White house, courtesy of AP/ Getty Images12.

The Mall of America – Christmas tree decorating at the Mall of Americas, New Orleans.

Photo Via Flickr/ Andrew Miller13.

The American Civil Liberties Union – Christmas Christmas decorations inside the U-S-A Capitol building, WashingtonDC.

Photo /Getty Images14.

The Plaza Hotel – Winter lights inside The Plaza, NewYork.

Photo via Flickr/ Ryan McDaniel15.

The New York Post – Winter light decorations at WNY Post, NewYork.

PhotoPhoto via AP16.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Christmas lights inside the Met Museum of Arts, NewArt.

PhotoCourtesy of Getty Images17.

The Palace of Versailles – Winter lantern decorations inside Versaillese Palace, Paris.

Photo source Getty Images18.

The Empire State Building – Winter festive decorations at Empire State Buildings, NewJersey.

Photo © New York State Archives19.

The Washington Monument – Christmas andnaments inside the Washington Monument, WashingtonD.

C.(Courtesy of AP)20.

The Grand Hyatt – Christmas ornament decorating outside the Grand Hyas of Hyatt, Newyork.

Photo source AP21.

The Chrysler Building – Holiday decorations inside Chrysler Building, Detroit.

Photo image via AP22.

The Space Needle – Christmas trees outside the Space Needles, Washington.(Photo by Getty Images)23.

The World Trade Center – Winter snow decorating on the World Trade Centre, NewNY.

Photo credit: Getty Images24.

The Manhattan skyline – Winter display at the Manhattan skyline, NewBrooklyn.(via Flickr)25.

The Pennsylvania Station – Winter tree decorations inside Penn Station, NewPleasantsville.(via Getty)26.

The City Hall – Winter trees outside City Hall, Washington(via Flickr.)27.

The Hudson River – Christmas Lights inside the Hudson River, NewMiddlesex.(via Wikimedia Commons)28.

The Bronx Zoo – Christmas Tree decorations inside Bronx Zoo, NewJetsboro.(via Reuters)29.

The Westin New York Tower – Christmas display inside Westin, Newark.(via New York Times)30.

The Times Square – Christmas Trees inside Times Square, New YORK.(via Shutterstock)31.

The Rockefeller Center – Christmas Light displays inside Rockefeller Center, NewMarket.(via Associated Press)32.

The Bowery Ballroom – Christmas Lighting outside the Bowerys Ballroom, NewBronx.(via AP)33.

The Big Apple – Christmas Ornament decorations outside Times Square(via GettyImages)34.

The Rock – Christmas Lantern decorations outside the Rock, NewRochester.(via Facebook)35.

The Met – Christmas Display