When Halloween is over, decorators must make cookies to help out the homeless

Posted September 24, 2018 07:03:49A Halloween party isn’t exactly going to be a relaxing one.

But for some people, it can be an extra treat.

One man, for instance, has found that decorating the outside of his home is a way to help his neighbors.

The man has been living on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, for a while, and he was looking for ways to give back.

His house is full of decorations, but it’s hard to find something to decorate his home.

He’s been looking for a place to decorat his yard, so he decided to find a place where people could decorate without spending a ton of money.

He ended up going to the warehouse for the decoration kits, which cost $50 each.

He bought six kits and gave them to neighbors.

He was told by one that it would cost around $40, but the man said that was $12 for each of the six kits.

Some neighbors said they thought it was a little expensive.

But others said that it’s an affordable way to give someone something to do that they can do without spending money on anything.

They said they think it was worth it because of the way it helps the community, and because the decorations are cheap.

The decorators warehouse is located in Queens, New Jersey.

The company that manages it says it’s a way for the community to support local businesses and businesses in need.

The warehouse is a nonprofit organization that has helped over 1,500 people in the community.

The warehouse does some seasonal work to support homeless people.

The workers are not paid by the company, but by the city.

They do this for the city because of their humanitarian mission.