Which Wall Decorating Products Are Worth It?

With the season quickly winding down, I have to admit that I have had a lot of fun decorating my living room and office.

I am not a huge fan of decorating a home with anything too extravagant or complicated.

It usually means throwing the old furniture out the window and rebuilding it from scratch.

But that’s not how I spend my money.

My favorite things to decorate are my walls.

You can decorate them with a lot more than just traditional wall decor, you can also use them to add a touch of whimsy and fun to your home.

Here are some of the best wall decorating products to consider.1.

DIY wall decor with your own tools.

This is one of my favorite wall decor ideas.

I love how simple it is to create wall decor in your own home.

Instead of hiring a professional, you make it yourself with a couple of basic DIY wall art supplies.

One of the most common DIY wall decorations to make is a colorful, textured “gum wall”.

You can even create a decorative tile wall to add some extra personality to your space.


DIY wallpaper with your nails.

The most popular DIY wall wall decor option is using nails.

You can paint a simple white, black or gray gradient across your wall to match your wallpaper.

You don’t need a professional to do this.

There are many options available online, but I always use a nail art kit from the Home Depot.


Wall murals with a DIY wall paint.

If you don’t have a DIY paint kit, you could use paint that comes with the home. 

My favorite DIY wall murals are from the Lamp Post.

They are simple, fun and really easy to make.

You paint the walls with a paintbrush and paint them to your liking.


DIY wood wall decor.

Wood is a beautiful and versatile wall decor ingredient.

You could even go as far as decorating your walls with trees or flowers. 

It can be an awesome addition to your living space. 

But this is one DIY wall decoration that I always love. 

Make a beautiful wooden wall with your wood-filled DIY wall painting kit. 


DIY wooden wall decor by the day.

Make your own DIY wall walls with wood and fabric. 

You can create any wall decor pattern you like. 

The most common wall decor for me is with wooden dowels. 

Dowels are a great DIY wall design tool. 

For more DIY wall designs, check out the Wall Post’s DIY Wall Decoration blog.


DIY brick wall decor .

You could make a great wall mural using your own bricks. 

Brick wall decor is a great way to add personality to any room in your home, whether it’s your kitchen or living room. 

Create a beautiful brick wall with a homemade wooden wall painting. 


DIY glass wall decor ornaments.

Glass wall decor can add a nice touch to any home, and it’s also a great decorating tool for your living room or dining room.

Create a decorative glass wall in your living or dining area. 


DIY window wall decorations.

Want to create a window wall in a room that is just large enough for your kitchen and dining room?

This DIY window decor idea is pretty easy.

Grab a paint brush and paint the outside of your window with your homemade glass wall painting technique. 


DIY decorative windows.

These are so simple to make that it’s hard to pick just one. 

If you have a small space and you want a decorative window, here’s how to do it. 

Grab a spray paint kit from Home Depot, use a paint thinner like Liquid Blue, and spray your glass window using a paint roller. 


DIY painted window wall. 

Here’s another way to make your own window wall that looks great on your living area.

You can make a window mural using a DIY painted wall painting recipe from Home Depots. 


DIY DIY painted glass wall.

This DIY wall is a little different than the previous DIY wall creation techniques.

It is very similar to the traditional “gummy wall” method.

For a decorative wall, I like to paint the sides of the wall with acrylic paint. 

I paint it black, then paint it gray and then add the rest of the walls black. 


DIY door decor. 

One of my favorites DIY wall décor is the door decor technique.

Door decor can look really unique and really cool.

Here’s a look at how I do it on my living and dining rooms. 


DIY built-in wall decorations ornament.

Do you like to make a DIY built in wall decor?

This is an easy way to do that. 

With a few DIY wall paper or decor