‘Brick by brick’: A Christmas tree decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights in the desert

By the time the sun went down, a few dozen residents were already home, eating dinner, taking a shower, and preparing for the holidays.

But not everyone had a roof over their heads.

The lights were coming from an outside source.

A few hours later, a local TV station aired a video of an elderly woman being forced to remove her Christmas tree by a man dressed in military fatigues and armed with an AK-47.

The man was reportedly attempting to remove the Christmas lights from the home, which had been decorated with thousands of holiday lights over the years.

“What kind of man wants to destroy a Christmas tree?

He’s not just a guy,” the woman told the station, according to The Associated Press.

The man is seen in the video asking the woman to remove a Christmas light from the front of the home before throwing the tree down and attacking the woman with the AK-15 rifle.

The woman then tells the man to stop.

It’s unclear what prompted the attack.

It’s unclear if the man was injured or was simply trying to steal the Christmas tree, according the AP.

But the video did show the woman being shot multiple times.

In a statement released Friday, the U.S. Army said the “person or persons responsible for the unlawful and illegal removal of a Christmas Tree from the United States, or for failing to remove or remove it in a timely manner, have been identified.”

The service said it will investigate the incident and determine whether anyone else was involved.

We are deeply saddened and outraged by the incident, the Department of Defense said in a statement.

“The Department of the Army will conduct a full investigation into this incident and will take appropriate action to hold those responsible accountable.”

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The Christmas season is an important time to appreciate the great works of art, architecture, and nature.

But as an American, I am deeply saddened that the U:S.

military is turning a blind eye to this.

More on the shooting: The AP reports that the man is now being charged with assault on a peace officer.