Ramadan decorations for boys room decor

Ramadan decor for the boys room is one of those cool things that we have here in Malaysia.

It’s one of the more popular things we do here and we have the most popular wall mirror here too.

The boys room has lots of interesting decorations including a large wall of candles, a huge portrait of our President, a wooden sign with the image of Buddha and a small mural of the city skyline.

It has so many different designs that we are sure you will be able to come up with your own unique idea to add to the decor.

This is just one of our favourite wall decorations for the girls room too.

We have also put together a boys room Christmas decorations for girls too, with the same theme and theme but with a different theme too.

Here is the list of the boys Christmas decorations you can try to decorate in your home with a few tips to help you out with the project.


The best place to start is with a book, the girls book will give you a good idea of the style you can go for.

We are not going to give you all the details, but there are a few that will help you get started.

If you want to make the most of the space for the boy’s room, we suggest looking at a book of pictures that the girls will be reading at the same time as the boy.

This will help them understand what is going on in the room and how they can make it even more interesting for them.

You can get a good overview of how to do this here.


Try to find something simple to decorat, like a bowl of chai, a bowl filled with chai or even a box of chocolates.

Try different styles of the decorations that you think the boys might like.


Try your best to get the boys to come and sit in the corner of the room so they can play games.

This might sound simple but it is something that can really help with the boys play time.


You might also want to give the girls a little space by adding a small piece of furniture, this can make a big difference to how they feel and the experience they get.

We really love a small, light and fun piece of decoration for the little girls room.


Remember that a lot of the time, boys can be a bit noisy so be sure to keep an eye on the space when you decorate and listen to them as much as possible.

Remember also to keep the decorating area to a minimum, this is what you want the boys in your house to enjoy.

Here are some more ideas to try out when decorating your boys room:  a.

A candle light  ornaments, a few different decorations and a piece of paper.


A picture of Buddha  and a small statue of him on the wall.