What is the best Christmas decorating class for your family?

A new study from the National Association of Home Builders and other sources found that the best way to decorate a home this year is to have a Christmas decor decorating program. 

“We found that most of the homes we surveyed had Christmas decorations,” said Kevin Pang, a professor of home design and building at the University of Utah. 

A study from last year by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that one of the top priorities for home owners in 2019 was to have at least one Christmas decoration in their home.

“It’s very important to have something that people recognize as a Christmas gift and that it will be something that they can enjoy and enjoy together,” Pang said. 

Pang said that the top Christmas decorators in 2019 were:  Garden Center  Krispy Kreme (New York City)  Burgundy (Los Angeles) Duke  (Chicago) Mango (Boston) Cake decorating (Atlanta) Christmas decorations (Los Angeles, NY)The study found that, overall, only 1.9% of home owners surveyed said they had Christmas decoring classes this year.

The study also found that a significant number of home builders did not consider Christmas decorations a part of their home decorating plan.

Pang believes that the lack of Christmas decorater classings could be attributed to a growing awareness among home owners that Christmas is an important part of Christmas and that home decor is no longer just a family project.

While some of these decorators may not be able to afford a Christmas party, Pang is hoping that home builders can help those homeowners who have little or no money for decorating.

For the 2018 study, Pangs team surveyed nearly 700 home builders, and they found that:Home builders were more likely to say that decorating their homes this year was important for them to do because it was important to them and their family.

Home builders were less likely to feel the need to buy decorations for their homes because they were satisfied with their current decorations.