Which vintage house decor is best for you?

The answer is, of course, yes.

We looked at everything from classic American decor to modern creations from the past.

The house that made the cut was an old family home built in the 1890s.

The decor features the old-school furniture and the antique touches.

We asked the house’s designer, John Meehan, to pick out his top picks.

Check out the slideshow above to see what his top pick is.

Meehan’s house, which has been on the market for almost three years, has a lot of rustic touches.

It’s made from wood, has lots of antique furniture and a big porch.

It was designed by architect Joseph McDonough and features an original wood stove that was the centerpiece of the design.

Meeshans house has a unique interior that’s open to the living room.

It has a fireplace in the living area and an antique chandelier in the dining room.

The ceiling is made of solid oak with gold leaf.

It also has a vintage-inspired fireplace.MEEHANS house is an example of a vintage house that has been preserved and restored.

He says it’s not the most elegant room in the house, but it still looks pretty cool.

It comes with a full kitchen and dining room, a dining room table and chairs, and a wine cellar.

The kitchen has a huge marble countertop, with gold trim, which makes the room look a little more rustic.

The dining room has a big black leather table and chair, and also has the fireplace and a fireplace.

The wine cellar is an old-fashioned one, complete with a large fireplace and other modern touches.

The floor is covered in antique French-inspired carpeting.

The finished product is a little over $4,000, which is a lot for a small room, but the decor is gorgeous.

It looks like a house that should be seen by everyone.