By christmas time, the season is almost upon us and there are many options to decorate your room with holiday decorations, but which one to get? 

One of the most popular holiday decorating options that is being touted for Christmas is the Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit. 

This Christmas decorating kit is designed to be used for Christmas and other special holidays and is marketed as a “Gift Gift” that you can decorate for a friend or loved one who wants to gift them a Christmas cookie. 

The kit is packaged in a plastic box and includes two dozen Christmas Cookie decorating cookies. 

One package comes with 12 Christmas Cookie decals and the other package includes four boxes of decorating supplies. 

A person who likes to decorates and makes presents can purchase the Christmas cookie decoration kit and put together a Christmas Christmas decoration for their loved one or friends who are looking for a Christmas gift. 

In fact, the Christmas decorator kit has received a lot of positive reviews from readers. 

It is being advertised on Amazon as a Christmas Gift Gift and is being offered in three different flavors. 

I decided to get a sample of the Christmas decoration kit and let me tell you, it is a GREAT Christmas gift! 

I love the Christmas design of the decorations and the ease of making these gifts. 

They were easy to put together and even the instructions are easy to follow. 

My husband and I loved the decorating kits and we have gotten a lot done for the holidays. 

You can purchase this Christmas Cookie Kit from Amazon. 

 Here are a few other Christmas decorate ideas that I love to decorating for my friends and family! 

One gift can’t do it all! 

The gift wrapping for a gift can never do it enough and that’s exactly what Christmas cookie decorations can do. 

These are perfect for decorating a gift box or for putting a gift on a shelf to surprise your friends. 

What are your favorite Christmas decor decorating ideas?

Let me know in the comments! 

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