Donald Trump’s Christmas Party: The Best Of 2018

Donald Trump is celebrating Christmas, which is why he’s inviting people to his private, custom-built Christmas tree at Mar-a-Lago, where he lives.

But the decor is nothing like the one at the White House.

In his book, “The Art of the Deal,” Trump famously compared his decor to the decorations in the Oval Office at the time.

The White House, he wrote, was a “pigsty,” a “chicken coop” and “an empty shell.”

So, as the first president to go private, Trump decided to bring the decorations of the White Houses “Christmas party” to his Florida estate.

Here’s how to do it.

The decor in question is the one in the West Wing, which Trump recently renamed the “Winter White House.”

It features a Christmas tree, a tree with lights hanging on it, a fireplace and an elaborate Christmas tree ornament.

The ornament is actually a set of four Christmas tree trunks, all connected by wooden dowels.

Each one is decorated with a different ornament.

To decorate a Christmas Tree: First, decorate your Christmas tree with your favorite ornament.

Make sure the decorations are large enough for you to sit at the top of the tree and stand in the middle.

Set the decorations on a table or on the wall and set the tree upright.

Add a small tree or two in each corner of the room.

When you’re finished, hang a banner above the Christmas tree.

The banner reads, “Happy Holidays from The Donald.”

If you want to make a bigger tree, trim the branches to the right length, so they’re a little larger than the decorations you’ll be hanging on your Christmas Tree.

Next, assemble your Christmas decorations and decorate them.

Choose the decorations that are most important to you.

Make them stand out.

(I usually choose Christmas decorations that reflect my personal style, such as the tree that looks like a cross between a Christmas carol and a Christmas star.)

You’ll also want to choose the decorations with the most impact on your guests.

That’s why you’ll want to give them the most dramatic decorations that highlight their personality, such the ones with a festive face or a bow on top.

For example, you might choose a tree that’s decorated with Christmas lights that have a Christmas-shaped cross.

If you’re a child, decorating your Christmas party tree with Christmas decorations would make it easier for your child to recognize you as a “real Christmas person.”

Decorate a Christmas decoration that’s more decorative.

(The decorations for a Christmas Christmas party at the Winter White House look like a miniature Christmas tree.)

If you prefer to add some light and color to the decoration, decorator Karen Lipscomb’s decor is very elegant and elegant.

The decorations are placed in a small square, and the decorations hang on a string.

Lipscom is also the author of the popular book “The Holiday Cheerful Family: A Secret Christmas Tradition.”

To decorinate a Christmas decorations: When you finish, attach the decorations to the wall or to the Christmas Tree, which will stand out more when viewed from above.

If the decorations don’t make your decorations stand out as much, you can add more decoration on the tree to create more impact.

For an example of a Christmas decor, check out the Christmas decor in the kitchen at the Mar-A-Lago Club.

The table is decorated to look like an armchair and has a Christmas light hanging from it.

Another example is a Christmas ornament in the dining room.

(Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) Here’s what you need to know about decorating the Christmas decorations in Mar-ae-Lago: Decorating a Christmas Party at Mar.

A-Loa: When to Use Christmas Decorations Decorated decorations can have a significant impact on how guests feel about your holiday decorations.

Here are the different types of decorations you should consider when decorating a holiday party.

Christmas Tree Decoration: This is the most popular kind of Christmas decor.

It is usually placed in the center of the Christmas table.

Christmas Stars: This decoration can be a small, star-shaped star.

Christmas Carol: This may be placed on a wall, or in a decorative bowl.

Christmas Star: This can be placed in front of the table or in the living room.

The decoration also includes a tree, so guests can recognize the ornament by looking at it.

Christmas Tractor: This kind of decoration can also be placed under a Christmas branch, or a tree in the backyard.

Christmas Candle: This ornament can also sit in front or side of the fireplace, and it’s also a Christmas tradition.

You can also place it in the back of a car, so it doesn’t appear to be standing on Christmas trees.

A Christmas Tree Ornament: This decorative ornament may also be used to decorate the tree, or you can decorate it to look a little like