How to make a ‘classic’ winter kitchen look like a winter wonderland

This classic winter kitchen from Canadian restaurant Elvie has been transformed into a stunning ice sculpture by the makers of ice sculptures.

In the winter months, when the ice melts, it becomes a piece of ice sculpture.

(CBC News: John Rieti)A team of ice artists at the Toronto-based restaurant ElVie designed the sculpture, which has been in the shop since the winter of 2018.

The ice sculpture is called ‘Elvie’ and was created with the help of Toronto-area ice artist Brian Jones, who also worked on the ice sculpture for the iconic “Winter Wonderland” sculpture.

The restaurant, located at 861 Spadina Ave.

W., has become one of the most popular restaurants in Toronto and is home to a large, outdoor seating area where customers can sit down, drink hot coffee, and watch the sun set over the surrounding streets.

Elvies decorating project, with a special focus on snow and ice, was designed by a team of artists from Toronto, Vancouver, and New Brunswick.

The team included:Elvie’s culinary director, Jamie Rizzi, and food editor, Kevin Fishel, worked with artist Brian Moore on the design.

The result, which was completed in a matter of months, was something special for the restaurant and its guests.

“We wanted to do something that felt really authentic,” said Moore.

“It wasn’t just something we had made for a party.

It was something that would be part of a larger conversation that was happening in Toronto.”

The sculpture was made from snow, ice, and plastic.

It can be hung anywhere on the restaurant, as long as the area is free of ice.

The interior was decorated in the same manner as the outside, but with a clear coat of ice, which gives the sculpture a subtle, warm glow.

ElVie has a large outdoor seating room where guests can sit, drink coffee, watch the sunset over the nearby streets.

(Elvierie, Toronto)The restaurant’s owners are not concerned about the snow, but rather, they’re focused on the experience of sitting at ElVies outdoor dining area.

“When people come to ElVIE, they come to experience a unique and magical experience,” said Rizzie.

“They’re also going to be looking forward to a great evening with friends and family, which they can’t have on the patio.”

“I think we have really helped create this beautiful, iconic experience,” added Moore.