The Victorian farmhouse has been decorated for Christmas

Victorian farmhouses have become the latest decorating trend for Christmas to hit the UK, with many opting for classic and whimsical designs.

But how do you get the look?

Decorating your Victorian farm house will be easy and simple, according to the owner of the family farm house, a former butcher who is now a local estate agent.

“We’re a family run business and it’s really important that we make sure that we’ve got the best possible farmhouse for our customers,” said Ms Skelton.

“When I look back on my own life, it’s been very difficult, because I’ve had lots of things that I’ve lost and I’ve gone through a lot of stress.

If we have something that we’re really proud of and that’s something that I think we’re going to be able to maintain, then I’d love for people to see it and think, ‘this is what I can build in my home for Christmas’,” she said.

Ms Skelston said she’d love to have the family’s farm house decorated for the holidays, and even had a Christmas tree built in the garden to give the house the festive touch.

She said she had been inundated with offers of holiday decorations over the years, but the idea of getting the whole family to decorate was “very, very exciting”.

She also said she wanted the Christmas market to be a festive time, as well as a family gathering spot.

The Victorian farm’s owner said she would like the farm to be decorated for a long time, so she hoped it would last a few years.

It was not the first time the farm had had a festive theme in the past, Ms Selsons mum said.

Her father’s farm was decorated for years, and her grandparents’ farm had also had an event planned, but it was not until 2017 when it became an event in the family home.

But it is the farm’s recent history and its current location that have caused her to think of a Christmas event.

Her family has been planning the event for the past couple of years, with a goal of bringing together some of the best people in their community for a festive gathering.

When she opened the door to the farmhouse last Christmas, she said she was blown away by the size of the building and how much it was filled with items.

While it was still a Victorian farm, Ms Hensley’s husband had taken it over to make it his own, and the farm house was adorned with several different types of decorative lanterns.

I think what really drew me in was the fact that it was a farmhouse that I didn’t have to make and it was an environment that I was able to make my own Christmas decorations,” she said, adding that the decorating was done by her husband and daughter-in-law, who she said were both volunteers.

In addition to lanterns, the house also featured a variety of holiday lights, including a traditional red and white Christmas tree, as a nod to her grandparents.

What would you decorate your Victorian house for Christmas?

Share your ideas in the comments below.

Christmas at the farm is a one-off event, so there is no sign of a second Christmas at the house, which has been around since 1837.

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