When it comes to kitchen decor, how many of us will ever have to clean the kitchen?

As we head toward Halloween, there are a lot of kitchen decorating ideas you probably don’t have the time to master.

Here are 10 ideas you should be saving for your kitchen this year.1.

Decorating the kitchen to impress everyone at the party.

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A little bit of color, a lot more.

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A big splash of color.

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A fun twist on the kitchen decor.

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A great DIY project.



A DIY version of a classic kitchen decor idea.

Photo Courtesy of Dina Rudick, Inc.: Design a DIY Kitchen.

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Get your house in order.

Photoby Kevin C in the United Kingdom8.

Add a dash of color to your kitchen.

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Create a unique decor theme.

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Add some color to the kitchen.

Photos courtesy of Mimi Hulsey, Design Bites.