Boho room decorations, fake plant decor spark controversy at wedding

NEW YORK — A Boho Room decor decorator in New York City says the new look at the hotel he helped design for his wife has upset people.

The hotel is the subject of a new ad campaign that depicts the hotel as a ghost town, with fake plants and graffiti.

“There are all kinds of signs that say, ‘Boho,’ ” said the decorator, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“But there’s also a sign that says, ‘We’re not ghosts, we’re not aliens, we love our neighbors,’ and that’s very, very offensive.

He said he is worried about the backlash his wife’s design has caused, which includes death threats.

The hotel was created in the 1920s by Frank Lloyd Wright, the famed architect whose architectural designs have graced many of New York’s landmarks and cultural institutions.

The new ad is the latest in a string of controversial ads.

Last week, the hotel’s owners paid $500,000 to settle charges of racism and sexism for an ad that portrayed a woman who was raped as a prostitute.

The company apologized for the ad, which was deemed “inappropriate” and said it would not air the ad again.

Boho rooms are common at major American cities like New York, where the trend is for the home decorator to decorate the rooms as they look.

A similar trend has been popular in France, where a new Boho style is popping up in Paris and other cities.

While Boho rooms have been popular around the world, the decorators say they have become increasingly popular in the United States, particularly in the last few years.

In a recent interview, the couple’s designer said that he and his wife decided to make the hotel more colorful when they had guests who were interested in the look.”

There’s nothing that is more flattering than being the person who makes your hotel look beautiful, and I think it was something that we wanted to convey to them that we are not going to go away,” said the designer, who asked that his last name not be used because he was not allowed to speak to the media.

Some have questioned whether the designers could have chosen a different theme for the hotel, such as a place that was more like a home or a place with a lot of history.”

I don’t know if we should change the theme or not. “

And that’s what this is about.

I don’t know if we should change the theme or not.

I do know that this is something that is in our DNA.”