When Christmas Tree Decorations Are Actually Just About Decoration

christmas trees are a big part of the holiday season, and some people are very, very into the idea of decorating them.

But while decorating your Christmas tree may seem like a pretty great idea, it may actually be hurting your health.

According to a new study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, it’s not just a matter of looking nice, it could be the biggest cause of a wide range of health issues in the years to come.

For the study, published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers took a look at the health and well-being of 486 adults in their 30s.

While some of them were just doing the right things to promote healthy eating, others were making the right health decisions and had the necessary mental and physical resources to handle stress and other challenges.

When they looked at the mental health of their friends and family, however, it was clear that decorating a tree did not benefit them.

The researchers found that the decorations they saw didn’t actually improve the mental well-feel of their loved ones.

“While the decorations may be cute, we know that this is largely due to people’s desire to see their loved one happy, which may explain why they see them so well,” lead author Rachel Smith said in a statement.

“This suggests that, while people may be motivated to decorate their loved family members, they’re more likely to do so because of a sense of belonging that is not shared by the people around them.”

To better understand the potential effects of decoratings, the researchers looked at whether people who decorate holidays were actually better at managing stress.

“We found that decorations did not improve stress-related health outcomes, including depression, anxiety, sleep, and physical health, and that these effects were greater for those who had a more positive outlook about their health,” the study authors wrote.

The researchers also found that those who viewed decorations as part of their holiday celebrations had more anxiety and depressive symptoms.

This may be because people’s holiday traditions are associated with stress, the authors write.

“The more they are exposed to the festive atmosphere, the more they feel stressed and anxious,” Smith said.

“And this may lead to more anxiety, depression, and social isolation.”

If you’re worried about your decorations or the holidays and you’re feeling stressed, the next step would be to talk to your doctor about whether or not decorating can be part of your plan for a better holiday season.